Publications : Physics

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Dicke superradiance requires interactions beyond nearest-neighbors

arXiv:2211.00668 (2022)
W.-K. Mok, A. Asenjo-Garcia, T. C. Sum, and L.-C. Kwek
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Metasurface Holographic Optical Traps for Ultracold Atoms

arXiv:2210.07425 (2022)
X. Huang, W. Yuan, A. Holman, M. Kwon, S. J. Masson, R. Gutierrez-Jauregui, A. Asenjo-Garcia, S. Will, and N. Yu
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Dissipative stabilization of dark quantum dimers via squeezed vacuum

arXiv:2210.03141 (2022)
R. Gutierrez-Jauregui, A. Asenjo-Garcia, and G. S. Agarwal
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Many-body superradiance and dynamical symmetry breaking in waveguide QED

arXiv:2209.12970 (2022)
S. Cardenas-Lopez, S. J. Masson, Z. Zager, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
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Dark State Engineering in Waveguide QED

arXiv:2209.09212 (2022)
R. Holzinger, R. Gutierrez-Jauregui, T. Hönigl-Decrinis, G. Kirchmair, A. Asenjo-Garcia, and H. Ritsch
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Darkness tamed with superconducting qubits

Nature Physics (News and Views), 18, 490 (2022).
S. J. Masson, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
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Optical precursors in waveguide quantum electrodynamics

arXiv:2203.01401 (2022)
S. Cardenas-Lopez, P. Solano, L. A. Orozco, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
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Directional transport along an atomic chain

Physical Review A 105, 043703 (2022)
R. Gutierrez-Jauregui, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
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Dicke superradiance in ordered lattices: dimensionality matters

Physical Review Research 4, 023207 (2022)
E. Sierra, S. J. Masson, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
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Universality of Dicke superradiance in arrays of quantum emitters

Nature Communications 13, 2285 (2022)
S. J. Masson and A. Asenjo-Garcia