Presentations Fall 2020

Join us at Physics and Coding Club, an after school tutoring and outreach program at Democracy Prep Harlem High School, just a few blocks away from campus. This school serves students of grades 9 to 12. The club meets every Monday for an hour, at 4 pm. The 2020 fall season consisted of informal talks about physics and extensive Q&A with the students. The topics included quantum mechanics, lasers, 2D materials, black hole physics and more.

Since spring 2021, we have transformed the club into a coding bootcamp, using Snap and Python. If you are a grad student, postdoc, or faculty in the physics department and you would like to get involved, please check out the club website here. The club’s day-to-day operation is described in a feature article in Columbia’s news.

Our program targets high-school students. If you are interested in the education of young children, you may want to look at Reading Team Math Program, run by Prof. Lam Hui.