Welcome to the Asenjo-Garcia research group at Columbia University.

In our theory group we investigate problems at the intersection of quantum optics, atomic physics, open quantum systems, and many-body physics. In particular, a significant part of our research focuses on emergent phenomena that arises from photon-mediated atomic interactions. We are interested not only in understanding fundamental physics associated with strongly-interacting atoms and photons but also in how to exploit these phenomena to develop novel applications in quantum information science, sensing, and metrology.


December 16, 2022

Our collaboration with the Ritsch and Kirchmair groups, Control of localized single- and many-body dark states in wQED, is published in Physical Review Letters. Nice work by our visiting student Raphael Holzinger!

November 2, 2022

Our paper that shows that Dicke superradiance requires interactions beyond nearest neighbors  is posted on arXiv. It was fun to work with our collaborators at Caltech and Singapore.

October 17, 2022

Our collaboration with the Will and Yu groups on Metasurface holographic optical traps for ultracold atoms appears on arXiv!

October 10, 2022

Ricardo’s work (in collaboration with Girish Agarwal) on Dissipative stabilization of dark quantum dimers via squeezed vacuum appears on arXiv!

September 28, 2022

The new manuscript by Silvia, Stuart, and Zoe on Many-body superradiance and dynamical symmetry breaking in waveguide QED hits the arXiv!

June 13, 2022

Eric’s and Stuart’s paper on the role of geometry and dimensionality on Dicke superradiance is published in Physical Review Research!

April 27, 2022

Stuart’s paper on the Universality of Dicke superradiance in arrays of quantum emitters appears in Nature Communications!

April 4, 2022

Ricardo’s paper on Directional transport along an atomic chain is published in Physical Review A!

April 4, 2022

Congratulations to Joseph for receiving the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Recent publications


Optical precursors in waveguide quantum electrodynamics

S. Cardenas-Lopez, P. Solano, L. A. Orozco, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
arXiv:2203.01401 (2022)

Darkness tamed with superconducting qubits

S. J. Masson, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
Nature Physics (News and Views), 18, 490 (2022).

Control of Localized Single- and Many-Body Dark States in Waveguide QED

R. Holzinger, R. Gutierrez-Jauregui, T. Hönigl-Decrinis, G. Kirchmair, A. Asenjo-Garcia, and H. Ritsch
Physical Review Letters 129, 253601 (2022)

Many-body superradiance and dynamical symmetry breaking in waveguide QED

S. Cardenas-Lopez, S. J. Masson, Z. Zager, and A. Asenjo-Garcia
arXiv:2209.12970 (2022)