January 2019: I will be joining the department of physics at Columbia University. If you are interested in working with me as a postdoc or student, please send me your CV along with a brief outline of a couple of ideas that you would like to pursue.

September 2018, 13: Our paper Population mixing due to dipole-dipole interactions in a one-dimensional array of multilevel atoms is now published in Physical Review A.

August 2018, 20: Our paper Optimization of photon storage fidelity in ordered atomic arrays is now published in New Journal of Physics.

July 2018, 10-27: I will be in Mainz attending the Collective phenomena in driven quantum systems workshop that I am co-organizing. Then I will be at ICFO and ICAP.

May 2018, 24: I will be giving an invited talk at the 25th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics in Mallorca, looking forward to it!

April 2018, 11: I will be at ICFO for a month!

March 2018, 6: Our new paper on subradiant states of quantum bits coupled to a one-dimensional waveguide is now posted on arXiv. To read it, please follow the link: arXiv:1803.02115 (2018).

March 2018, 8: I will be at the March Meeting.

February 2018, 26-28: I will be visiting IQC and the University of Waterloo.

February 2018, 13-16: I will be giving an invited talk at Nanoscale Quantum Optics Conference in Prague.

February 2018, 2-8: I will be visiting McGill University (Feb 2), The Institute of Optics at Rochester University (Feb 5), and Columbia University (Feb 7-8).

December 2017, 7: Our new paper on how dipole-dipole interactions arising from multiple photon scattering lead to a modified distribution of ground state populations is now posted on arXiv. To read it, please follow the link: arXiv:1712.02061 (2017).

December 2017, 11-15: I will be visiting the group of Oriol Romero Isart at IQOQI, Innsbruck.

December 2017, 4-9: I will be visiting Misha Lukin’s group at Harvard.

October 2017, 25: Our new paper on optimizing photon storage in ordered arrays is now posted on arXiv, check it out here: arXiv:1710.06312 (2017).

October 2017, 9-11: I gave an invited talk at the workshop Many body cavity QED at ITAMP, Harvard. You can watch the talk here.

October 2017, 2-6: I will be in IQC, Waterloo University, at the Quantum Innovators workshop.

August 2017, 20-25: I was in Monte Verita, Switzerland, at the Quantum nanophotonics conference. I got the prize for the best talk by a young scientist!

August 2017: Our paper Exponential improvement in photon storage fidelities using subradiance and selective radiance in atomic arrays is now published in PRX.

June 2017: Busy month attending DAMOP and the GRC on Atomic Physics.

May 2017: Gave a talk at the Light-Matter Interactions in Low Dimensions at ICFO, and had the chance to catch up with Darrick and his group.

April 2017: I had the pleasure of presenting our work at the IQIM weekly seminar (Caltech), and at the CQuIC (New Mexico University).

March 2017: Our paper Atom-light interactions in quasi-one-dimensional systems: a Green’s function perspective  is now published in PRA.

First week of March 2017: I visited JQI and gave a seminar on selective radiance.